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Friday I’m in Love…

Friday, February 3rd, 2012


With being a girl!

So this week Ive been feeling in  a bit of a beauty slump. You know that  feeling you get when you just look in the mirror first thing in the morning at your face and say, ” Jeez, really!?! ” .

Yep, that about covers it, but if I must eleberate further…

The patsy face, the dark circles and the 8 week old hair colour is not saying fresh faced and fancy to me right now. Its hard in deep dark Febuary I think, I always seem to loose my girlie mojo about now. Its not Christmas any more so its out with the glitz, but its not time for the bronzer yet either, if you know what I mean.

I think it must be much harder if your a man though, I mean at least I can rummage around in my make-up bag for a little concealer and eye-liner, men just have to deal with the *Jeez, Really?!?*  face…. all day! ( well, at least where I live anyway, the Shire still frowns upon guyliner ) .

So in case I’m not alone in the February  wilderness and you need a bit of beauty sunshine too, I’ve rounded up 5 of the best from this weeks reading for you, lets get our beauty on! *smiles*

I am so trying this … from xoJane , I have a Hair Crush on Zooey Deschanel   A Great Tutorial on how to get Zooey’s curls

Am loving this…  ring for a bit of pre-spring bling ( think that might have rhymed a bit ) . Courtesy of the super fabulous cupcakes and cashmere blog

I cant wait to give this a goMissoni Nails ! 

For my slightly neglected brows … After reading The Glamourai,  I’m  getting me some, Stila’s stay all day brow pen.

I also got some lovely lip/cheek tint in Petunia too!


And I’m going to make these and pile em up!  …. The fabulous Leather Ring Cuff Bracelet from I Spy DIY . com , so cute. They also remind me so much of my arm candy loving pal


That should do the trick until spring time, now bring on the rain! Wink*

(Ps.. for everybody waiting for the chocolate caramel banana bread recipe,  its on its way next time I promise!  )


The Girl Crush Diaries – Hipster Chick

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Just lately I seem to have been reading lots about Hipsters.
But what exactly IS a hipster? Am I one? Are you?
Well on surfing  up a bit on the subject ( you will thank me for this in a bit, just keep reading okay? … thanks )  it seems they’re are really two types of a spectrum of Hipsterness …
Firstly the rather serious, big bespectacled , slogan t shirt wearing ones.  Slightly nonchalant types who don’t  *do*  the establishment, read Norman Mailer poetry and watch obscure foreign films.  Kind of the modern day answer to the hippie, punks or grunge kids, they also love all things Apple and hate google, unless its chrome.  Oh and the very first REAL rule of being a true Hipster is never admitting to being one, unless your being ironic of course … its a bit like fight club ;)

Aaaand secondly,  the other type of Hipster.  Far more interesting (to me anyway) this one is more mainstream, and maybe a little less angry , the  girl Hipster.  These are artistic types who love vintage clothes and make up, and  look kind of like they got dressed in the dark .. but in a good way.  You may see them  riding  around,  slightly wobbly like,  on vintage candy coloured bikes, Whilst knitting  and they may also be a teeny bit scared of a hair brush.   Still Not Convinced?
Okay,  here are my favorite Hipster Girls -

Alexa Chung, Georgia May Jagger, Agyness Deyn and the Queen of  all Hipster Girl-dom,  Zooey Deschanel -

So there you have it, a right royal, girl crush- a – thon, don’t say I never treat you ;)  I think im in love, and what’s more I truly think this is finally a look I can actually pull off.   I’m totally artsy ( big J says weird) I often get dressed in the dark ( it still IS at six thirty am when Milsta wakes up) I am short sighted enough to need big glassses, I love vintage dresses and own at least 20 cardigans. I also hate going to the hairdressers and I don’t drive… It just couldnt be more Perfect!

Catch some of my other girl crush dairies here, from the beginning -

You Gotta Be Kind To Yourself

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

You  gotta be kind to yourself …

So it’s that time of year again when we all start making resolutions. In the past mine have mostly been of the practical type, for example :

1) Eat less food and become a size 8.

2) drink less wine, I am not a wine lush you understand. This is for sartorial purposes ( please see above ).
3) To have no more than ten pieces of clothing in my ironing basket… This is rather than the hundred and ten currently residing there in .

4) To Remove my make up every night with a proper *grown up*  beauty cleanser … Not a baby wet wipe .

5) To occasionally have painted finger nails and soft hands , rather than them be covered in painting inks and *witchy* from too much washing up.

6) Always wear rubber gloves ( even though they make my hands smell funny…) See above for reasons .

7) To watch more mind enhancing tv… like the news and not so many films staring Zooey Deschanel or re-runs of America’s next top model . I may even cut back on my Ina watching…although technically cooking shows are kind of mind enhancing.

8) To clean the oven …  sometimes

9) To smile … more, to prevent wrinkles.

10) To stop buying dresses ( or maybe just cut-down).  I have so many, some are the same dress, in more than one colour. Some even just more than one of the same dress. In case of accidents with bleach or tumble drier . oh and boots , no more of them either ….

As u can see all pretty standard, surface, achievable goals… Which I never fully achieve. I think in part because I don’t care enough about them. So this year I’m going the spiritual route. Call me crazy but I think I have a few real life changing resolutions up my sleeve … Ones that have nothing to do with my capacity to eat chocolate or down a glass of pino grigio .
So here goes …
Be kind to myself…
I  like lots of folks I think, have guilt about pretty much everything.  Not being a good enough parent, partner , daughter , friend , artist, business type person … human being ?!?!  You get the picture.  I think we all have this anxiety in varying degrees. I have a feeling I may have it  baaaad.

And I’m pretty sure the path to all things happy probably doesn’t start with one of those nasty thoughts ..
So no more,  I’m going to try and see myself in a more positive light, be kind to myself .  Every time I have a negative thought about myself  I’m going to try and replace it with at least one positive one .

Here are several posts from Angela at Oh She Glows I’ve found to help re-adjust things in my head a bit ( some great food over there too,  just sayin )

2) Live for the moment –  I’m going to enjoy blowing raspberries on Millys belly, rather than worrying about my bank statement . … Again
I’m going to dance around the kitchen to stupid music with Ellie rather than worrying about the state of my laundry basket … Again
I’m going to  play minecraft with jack and I’m going to try be interested , rather than letting my mind wander to what the hell we’re  going to have for tea… Again…
I’m going to go out with big J on regular date nights ( very American sounding I know but I think our cousins  have this one right )  and I’m not going to worry about wether Milly ( who’s 3 at the end of this month) will be scared for life if I leave her for a couple of hours to go see Sherlock Holmes 2 … I may even go for a entire night away! ( deep breaths for that one… She will be okay, she will be okay … I know I need help ;)

3) To be happy … Happy as can be, happy as a sand boy ( not sure what one of those is but you know .. Happy ) with just what I have . Because if  I’ve learned  anything from last year its that there’s a lot of  truth in that old song… “Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think “.  Even if we have a whole lifetime left …. its still bloody late ;)

So that’s it,  all that’s left to say is goodbye 2011 you stank a tiny bit for a lot of people to be honest. But hay , you taught me a lot and I’m very thankful for that. Thankyou all for being such fab bloggy/ twitter /Instagram  friends too, you have all chivvied me along with your kindness and boundless encouragement this year.  Next years gonna be a blast folks…  I’m leaving you with some of my favourite captures of this year and something cute from Zooey Deschanel ,
So, Happy New Year!!!!!

Keep calm and eat cake folks,
Oh, and don’t forget, if you can’t say anything nice about yourself, don’t say anything at all ! …

That’s it I’m going now… Honest  ….  See you on the flip side *wink*

Icklebabe xx