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Friday I’m in Love…

Friday, February 3rd, 2012


With being a girl!

So this week Ive been feeling in  a bit of a beauty slump. You know that  feeling you get when you just look in the mirror first thing in the morning at your face and say, ” Jeez, really!?! ” .

Yep, that about covers it, but if I must eleberate further…

The patsy face, the dark circles and the 8 week old hair colour is not saying fresh faced and fancy to me right now. Its hard in deep dark Febuary I think, I always seem to loose my girlie mojo about now. Its not Christmas any more so its out with the glitz, but its not time for the bronzer yet either, if you know what I mean.

I think it must be much harder if your a man though, I mean at least I can rummage around in my make-up bag for a little concealer and eye-liner, men just have to deal with the *Jeez, Really?!?*  face…. all day! ( well, at least where I live anyway, the Shire still frowns upon guyliner ) .

So in case I’m not alone in the February  wilderness and you need a bit of beauty sunshine too, I’ve rounded up 5 of the best from this weeks reading for you, lets get our beauty on! *smiles*

I am so trying this … from xoJane , I have a Hair Crush on Zooey Deschanel   A Great Tutorial on how to get Zooey’s curls

Am loving this…  ring for a bit of pre-spring bling ( think that might have rhymed a bit ) . Courtesy of the super fabulous cupcakes and cashmere blog

I cant wait to give this a goMissoni Nails ! 

For my slightly neglected brows … After reading The Glamourai,  I’m  getting me some, Stila’s stay all day brow pen.

I also got some lovely lip/cheek tint in Petunia too!


And I’m going to make these and pile em up!  …. The fabulous Leather Ring Cuff Bracelet from I Spy DIY . com , so cute. They also remind me so much of my arm candy loving pal


That should do the trick until spring time, now bring on the rain! Wink*

(Ps.. for everybody waiting for the chocolate caramel banana bread recipe,  its on its way next time I promise!  )