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Friday I’m in Love – My Babies Birthday

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Friday I’m in love-birthdays


So this week was Milly’s third birthday. I have to admit I started thinking about it as soon as the last Christmas bauble was shoved in the attic.

I was excited, 3 is the first year they can properly be part of their birthday rather than just being there, if you get what I mean? And I wanted it to be great!

First I did what any modern day mother does, I pinterested it. I scrolled through lots of fantastic, colourful , imaginative, amazing pictures. I visited blogs , filled with farm themed parties in real barns. Pretty, film set type barns with swept gleaming floors and artfully placed antique pitchforks.  Not a cow pat in sight, although they did have ( presumably house trained) baby cows and hay bales for seating.

I saw rainbow themed parties and red riding hood parties and pirate girl parties with lovingly (perfectly made) card board box ships that looked like part of the set from pirates of the caribbean.

To be honest I started to get an inferiority complex, my bum cheeks clenched in birthday party anticipation. But heck, if they can do it, so can I!

So I ordered tiny milk bottles, and red candy striped straws, firework candles and indoor sparklers. I was busy scrolling though party printables on etsy  , deciding between themes, should I go rainbow utopia? Or sparkle princess? ….

But then something happened, I think it’s called life, and it kind of got in the way….

I realised with 24 hours to go, that this was not going to be the party of mine ( or Milly’s) dreams, we weren’t going to have fire eaters or loin tamers, the gig was as they say, up.

I felt my heart sink, a lump in my throat. And then I remembered parties from my childhood.

Playing cowboys and Indians with makeshift ramshackle teepees made out of old sheets and garden sticks. Bobbing for apples. Homemade popcorn necklaces and mugs of Heinz tomato soup and hotdogs. I remember the year my mum pulled out *all the stops* and hired our local magician for my tenth party. I spent the entire party in my bedroom crying because my best friend wouldn’t sit next to me at the party table, I hear the magician was very good, there was rabbits and everything.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, the penny dropped. Milly would enjoy the party with or without all the big shot paraphernalia. She would mostly enjoy it because it was just going to be us, me , papa, Ellie and jack. A family, spending time together, wishing her a Happy Birthday.

And she did have a blast, we had hot dogs, and rice crispy cakes, and fairy cakes with butterflies on top, and some fireworks we had left from bonfire night. She was ecstatic and woke up the next morning shouting Happy Birthday!!! To herself, wishing it was going to happen all over again.

So happy 3rd Milly sweetheart, don’t grow up to fast, and don’t worry next year mummy will have the barn and the trained baby lambs picked out and booked way in advance , *wink!

{ All Photo’s courtesy of Pinterest and Me }



Fairwell Harry, I made you cake…

Friday, July 15th, 2011

 “London. Implacable July weather. People everywhere. People swarming Trafalgar Square. People perched on the steps of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. People crowding the backstreets of the West End. Is this a Dickens novel? No, it’s the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2.” -   Time magazine

Me and Teen Ellie watched the live stream of the Harry Potter premier in tears. I am not really a Harry Potter fan, by this I mean I have never read any of the books, never stood in line endlessly to see one of the movies, and I have to admit (rather quietly) to not always completely understanding the story lines.  But I am far more than just a little fond of Harry Potter and his wizardy friends,  its a weird kind of feeling,  like the fondness you feel for your child’s oldest school friends. But before you cart me off to the funny farm, let me explain why…

 The first movie came out an astonishing eleven years ago and it has been the magical (pardon the pun)  backdrop to teen Ellie’s childhood ever since. Like cultural osmosis, its part of the fabric of her young life.  Her best friend at six was so obsessed with Harry,  that she slept with his picture underneath her pillow, and wrote “Mrs Harriot Potter” on all her books.

When the first Harry Potter computer game came out me and my friend,  spent 3 days solid trying to complete it. Baby Jack had his very own Harry dressing gown that looked like a hogwarts magic coat, which he wore  for his first primary school book day, he made a very cute, very blonde Harry.  Ellie had the Harry Potter jelly sweet maker, the Harry potter chocolate (it had fizzy popping candy in the center, which Ellie was SURE was actual magic ;) ) , the harry potter bed sheets and the movies of course…we watched the movies to death.

  So I am ever so slightly in love with every one of  JK Rowling’s expertly crafted characters.  I also love the fact that the movies are just so, well,  British!

 I love all the scenes of sweeping London, the beautiful old buildings and grimy little cafés,  the glimpses into English suburbia and the beauty and sometimes barrenness of the countryside.

I love that  Harry and Co always  look like they haven’t seen the sun for more than three days a year (like most of us from Oct through to June!) either and  they all have “normal” clothes and none Hollywood  hair.  Something which I think is sadly missing from most other films and TV shows targeted at young people ( god I sound old, but its true) .

 As well as this, practically every good British actor from the past ten years has appeared in someway, filling it with a warm feeling of home and (dare I say it) it makes me a bit proud to be British.

So…  this is my sweet fair well to Harry, and my first baby’s childhood.

 Teen Ellie turns sixteen this October and dreams of being at Hogwarts and defeating  Mr no Nose (Lord Voldemort) will soon fade to nothing. Well maybe not nothing, maybe there will be a small space forever Harry, forever six and full of magic and wonder.   Maybe thats why Harry is so popular the world over,  maybe he gives us all a tiny excuse to believe in a little bit of magic! X

( Harry’s last stand is out this weekend, I’m off to see it on the big screen with Ellie, and a box of tissues! ) X


And just to properly celebrate the occasion I made cupcakes, magical  rainbow ones of course !

Rainbow cupcakes!


2 eggs

40z 0f  self raising flour

4oz of butter

4oz of sugar

A teaspoon of baking powder

1 teaspoon of good vanilla essence

4 different colours of food colouring. I used red, blue, green and yellow.

Firstly cream the butter and sugar ( I do everything in a food mixer, but you can do it by hand too) . Then add the two eggs, and then the flour and baking powder, finally add the vanilla. If this mixture looks to think I add a little water or milk ( 1-2 tablespoons).

Separate the cake bater equally into four bowls. Add the food colouring to each bowl, a little at a time and mix. I found the red and the green quite strong, but the blue and yellow much weaker. 

Then line a muffin tin with six muffin cases. Spoon a little of the first colour into each case (use all the mixture) I used yellow first,  spread evenly.  Next, spoon in another colour ( I used green) gently over the top of the first. spread to the edges.

Continue this process until all the colors and mixture is used. Then take a wooden cocktail stick or something similar and swirl each cupcake very lightly.

Then put them in the oven for approx 25 mins, until they are lovely and golden.

Thats it ice them however you like, I made up a batch of butter cream icing, instructions are on the back of the icing packet. I added a teaspoon of vanilla at the end.

Thats it, easy and really, really fun! Milly had a great time helping me.

I will just add, I know there are some scary health opinions about food colouring, there is lots of info online about it,  and I will let you guys make you own mind up about that.   But personally I feel as long as your not making these everyday, you wont get cancer or ADHD or grow another head  .. but that of course,  is just my personal opinion kids! … other opinions may vary   XXXX