Style crushing …. The Lost Boys



So this week I had a dream about the lost boys, it may have been the spicy cheese I’d been eating or the fact that Me and Teen Ellie had been talking about our school girl  crushes ( hers are currently Drake, Drake aaaand Drake, she has it bad people, anyway…) .

Mine were Christian Slatter from the movie Heathers ( can you say seeee-wooooon) and Jason Patrick from The Lost Boys ( and also Morten Harket who incidentally , reminds me a little of Josh Hartnett ? and the super cute Corey Haim…;)



In the dream I was Jamie Gertz ( don’t be laughing now! ) , I always wanted  to be her .   She was so , well, beautifully lost , just waiting for someone to come save her from those nasty vampire types.  Yes I know technically she was a vampire, but not a * proper* blood sucking evil one.

Looking over old pictures of her now ( yes, this IS what I do in my spare time ) I think she is bang on trend too…

Come on, let me show you the evidence…


The jingly jangle arm candy ( no not Kieffer…I mean the stacked bracelets… love! ) fash blogger uniform,  Honestly WTF would be proud ….


Red Lippy, long hair, long gypsy skirts, cool milatarty jackets, black eyes….

Okay..stil not convinced?

Looky at these Pictures of  Georgia May Jagger For Elle France… Lost Boys Esque ?


Or,  This from Free People …


Loving this girls eye make-up! …


And this From Winter Kate ( Nichole Richie’s clothing Line) , I can soo see Star ( Jamie Gertz ) rocking this chain headdress and purple sheer maxi, which I kinda love! ….


{ Winter Kate Spring Look Book Via }

So thats it, proof that A… Im getting old ( I remember my Mum telling me, fashion always comes back again)

…and B)…oh sod it, I don’t really have a B… Im just old  :  ) But I still Love the whole Boho Lost girl Vibe !  ….

I will leave you with this, I think If Michael ( Jason Patrick) and Star had ever had a love child, she would look like this gorgeous creature, 10 year old model, Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau. She  is the Giselle Bundchen of  children’s high fashion, and a total boho baby! CUTE!




{ Thy-Lane Via }

7 Responses to “Style crushing …. The Lost Boys”

  1. Honest Mum says:

    Wow what a visual feast of a post-I love your blog so much. Could you be any cooler? Nope! Total blast from the past too-loved Lost Boys and Christian Slater. Swoon! xxx

  2. Susan Mann says:

    Loving this post. Christian Slater super Swoon. Loving the little girl model she’s gorgeous x

  3. Catherine says:

    OMG… so funny to see Kiefer Sutherland that way. Those photos of the little girls are rad.

    Awesome blog.

    FEST (food, style & travel)

  4. Niki says:

    OMG!!!!!! I soooooooooo LOVE this film. One of my utter all time faves, we called our beautiful blue eyed husky Ninook after the dog in the film (although that dog was called Nanook but the way Corey said it it sounded like Ninook) this and Point Break, I always wanted to be Tyler, with my convertable car, tiny shorts, board chucked in the back, running a cute beach cafe, sleeping on the beach and dating the delicious Keanu….& back in the real world! Thanks for posting this, its cheered my morning up just looking at the pics and thinking of the groovy vibe to it all….yes I think I can join the next tick box in the long line of life. Fashion has definately come full circle & I’m absolutely LOVING it!

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