Reflections, what do you see? …

Last night I was lying in bed and big j did his nightly thang ( nooo not that;)) , dumping the double duvet on me. You see he hates duvets, he says they’re too heavy, he is a sheets and blankets kind a guy.

In clothing terms its a bit like wearing layers rather than a big jumper. Me ?..I like the big jumper, the layers aaaaand the bed socks, anyway..

As he chucked the duvet unceremoniously over my head, a sentence popped into my head… “We don’t dooo duvets” … And I started to laugh and repeat it out loud. At first big j thought I’d gone mad ( it’s been a long time coming) but then I reminded him of Trevor and Simon, do you remember them? From going live and live and kicking days, they had several catch phrases, we don’t do duvets and swing your pants were my fave. Me and jay looked them up on the interweb. Live and kicking was a whooping 18 years ago, and then we found the trevor and simon website ( yes, there is such a thing ; ) )  and oh my goodness they got, well, … older!

Then it hit me, we all have. Strangely though I don’t feel any different, not really. I was on a cup of jo  recently and she had posted these amazing pictures from photographer Tom Hussey



It pretty much says it all doesn’t it, only our bodies get old.
Who we are stays the same for always I guess.
What do you think, do you remember Trevor and Simon days?
Do you feel the same inside, or do you think life changes you? Obviously anyone under 25 will not have a clue what I’m talking about, but don’t worry you will one day ; )

This is the soundtrack to this post, because i think photos and reflections are true anchors…
Happy Monday Folks , go swing your pants! X

4 Responses to “Reflections, what do you see? …”

  1. Honest Mum says:

    What a wonderful post (I am totally like you, my husband like yours re love/hate of duvets). I totally remember Trevor and Simon and aged 11 I made a short film I always meant to send into Going Live on Rubbish in England (SKY v embarrasingly shared this on telly on a doc about me a few years back)-hilariously I actually put litter everywhere-not honest filmmaking at all! Seriously though, we live in an ageist society and I think those photos are so vital-if only people could see the person/the achievements/the history behind the (elderly) person-now wouldn’t that be wonderful. I have so much respect for the elderly in our society and cherish my Grandparents’ stories and always will. Thank you for making me smile today xxx

    • Helen says:

      Thanku Gorgeous! Soo wish id seen that Sky Doc, bet it was fab :) ) I remember writing into Jim’ll fix it ( i wanted to be a cabbage patch doll!) but I never did anything as creative as making a film, you were obvs destined to be a film maker:) And yes, brilliantly put about age, we must always see the person and not the wrinkles. otherwise we’re missing so much x

  2. Claire says:

    I love this post and the pictures are amazing!!! They actually make me kinda sad :( I think it’s because I really don’t wanna grow old. I think I see so much illness and heartache in my job that its scared me. I have heard the most amazing stories of life, love and loss and I feel so blessed to have them share their tales with me. I think we always feel young at heart. I remember years ago my mum told me she still felt 18 inside and I thought she was nuts, but now I really know what she meant. I know I’m really not that old at 32, but I feel the years are passing by so quickly and a lot of the time we are wishing our lives away. Looking forward to the weekend, holidays etc. it’s lovely posts like these that remind me to slow down and enjoy every moment xxxx

    • Helen says:

      Aw thanku Claire, and your so right, we do wish our lives away a bit. Just sometimes great to sit back and soak it up. And take lots of pictures ; ) xxxx

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