Friday Im in Love, Chevron is the new stripe …

I know, I know, they’re not new, but I am loving the whole chevron thing at the mo. It seems so fresh and springlike to me,  and a bit more whimsical than your average stripe.

What do you think?..

{From top left to right, Dress & girl with flowers both from Pinterest, Chevron undies set from Fox & Rose, red and chevron print dress from Yellow Cake @ etsy }


{ From top left, both Chevron bracelets over at Free People gorg shop by the way, Geometric leather chevron necklace from Rare Bird @ Etsy , Pretty chevron lace top from pinterest }


{ Top left and bottom right all Missoni at Design Options, top right is from the Vogue knitting pattern book 2011, bottom right chartreuse one shoulder chevron dress from Rag Tag @ Etsy }


{ Top 3 all at Design Sponge, cute stationary bottom left Pinterest, Middle Deer Antlers Chevron Print Set from Aldari Art over @ Etsy, bottom right Paper N Stitch Blog  }


{ From top Left, Super lovely Vintage Inspired dress from Gracie Mae Kids , cute boys bow tie from Black cat Meow Designs  @ Etsy, bottom left GORG ( im so buying it !!!) dress from Eco friendly Kids clothes company The Measure  , bottom right, cute shift from Simplicity Couture @ Etsy , another gem of a shop from little girls }


I also found some great  How to’s.  I really want to try them all, but Im gonna start with the chest of drawers. Milly’s are from our old bedroom stuff, so I cant wait for the weather to get sunny so I  can paint them yellow in the garden.

Lets just say im hooked!!! This year is looking remarkably Chevron like! ; -)


Cute how to on painting your own Cheveron Rug, using a simple Ikea rug over at The House of Smiths  ….


DIY Hex Bracelet inspired by designer collection Giles & Brother  . They real designer stuff is fab, but might be fun to try making your own, full tutorial over at Honestly WTF, my new Favorited way to loose myself… for like half a day! ;D   ….


And Pretty Child’s Chest, Chevron Make over from Design Sponge. So pretty, Im looking forward to giving it a try …



As you’ve probably noticed I always try and include Independent retailers and craftspeople in my posts, Being one myself I know how hard it is to ever get noticed  *no matter how much you wave and say hay looook i’m over hereeee! ;-) * er herm..anyway …. so I’m delighted to take part in my fellow blogger Karen’s Independents Day link,  she’s running a monthly slot on her fabulous blog all about independent retailers.  So i’m bigging up  all the independents I’ve featured here,

Gracie Mae Kids lovely handmade little girl dresses

Black cat Meow Designs  little boy bow ties

The Measure   gorgeous eco  clothing for little people, I have my eye on the dress pictured for Milly

Simplicity Couture more super pretty girl dresses

Aldari Art woodland chevron art

Rag Tag original, pretty  ladies dresses

Yellow Cake more gorgeous dresses

Rare Bird wonderful one off leather jewellery

Fox & Rose, to die for unique undies for foxy ladies ( er herm… Style on the couch  ? ; ) )

Giles & Brother  whimsical  designer jewellery pieces by brother and sister Duo based in New York. One of their leather bracelets are on my birthday wish list

Free People big-ish but still independent, bohemian ladies fashion company. With a great vintage clothing section. :)


Massive big up to Karen over at All About The Boys  too, long may your Independents Day’s continue! Catch her first edition and all others taking part, here  x

7 Responses to “Friday Im in Love, Chevron is the new stripe …”

  1. Kate Takes 5 says:

    Just bought that girls green \ pink dress for my little one for a wedding we’re going to in April. You should be on commission!

    • Helen says:

      Oh thats fabulous! she has some lovely dresses, Etsy is so full of creative loveliness isnt it? and karen will be soo pleased, that’s a direct *hit* for her Independent supporting scheme! :D x

  2. Honest Mum says:

    Amazingly beautiful clothes as ever. Can you be my stylist please? Such lovelieness to behold here I don’t know where to start. Vogue, hope you are keeping track of Icklebabe! x

    • Helen says:

      Mrs i love you! you just made my day :) ) will happily continue Friday Im in love posts, if only just for you ;) xxx

  3. Kat says:

    Love how you’ve collated all these chevron things together hun.
    Be wonderful if you get to make a chest like that!
    I like free people stuff, it’s not as readily available here though as in US.
    Asos have some don’t they.
    Love kat x

    • Helen says:

      Hi Kat, yes Asos have Free people, also this great shop i’ve found called ShopBop have it, they ship quite cheaply internationally too, soooo many nice things! Thanku lots for coming over too, love it when i get your comments! :) XX

  4. Farrukh says:

    Nice entry. We created a video summary of our time at London fashion week, do have a look :)

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