Friday I’m In Love, Brilliant Broadhurst

This week seems to have been a very *artsy* one for me. I was commissioned to work on a piece on motherhood (more on that soon ; )) and it forced me into painting again, something I have been putting off a bit lately. And while I was in the zone I stumbled on this great woman called Florence Broadhurst ( thanks @LiveLikeYou ) .

Ms. Broadhurst was an Australian, born in Queensland, who reinvented herself many times through out her life.  She was at times an actress, director, model, singer, artist and world traveler.

{ All Images thanks to Elle Decorating }

Then at the grand (young) age of 60  she went back to Australia and began a textile business.  In 1959 Broadhurst established Australian (Hand Printed) Wallpapers Pty Ltd, advertised as “the only studio of its kind in the world”. Her brightly-coloured geometric and nature-inspired oversized designs were all hand printed in foils and metallic papers.  She considered her work “vigorous designs for modern living”.

Florence was mysteriously murdered in her office in 1977, a crime which has sadly never been solved, although it is speculated that she may have been the victim of serial killer, John Wayne Glover.

Her tragic death, and colourful life aside, she was way ahead of her time design wise, and I simply LOVE her work.  As do Kate Spade who have a re-issued allot of her prints for their home and clothing lines. Also decorating most of their stores in Broadhurst’s signature black and white prints… PURE splendour !

{ All images thanks to Flavour of the Week blog  }

I’ve also been listening to Bon Iver all week,  so this is the sound track to our Friday I’m in Love…

Just beautiful!

Have a great and colourful weekend lovelies! X



5 Responses to “Friday I’m In Love, Brilliant Broadhurst”

  1. Kat says:

    What a talent designer, reminds me a bit of Mary Quant.
    Love Bon Iver, I have been watching that very same clip on you tube.
    Love kat x
    Ps thanks for the lovely comment at Secrets too

    • Helen says:

      Hi Kat :) so glad you liked miss broadhurst, I think her prints are eye popingly fabulous too! I love Bon Iver, just something so chilled and real about the music isn’t there? and that song has always been a fave of mine. So happy that you came by, feels like we keep meeting up for coffee, it’s lovely :) )) xxx

  2. Honest Mum says:

    What an incredible woman-someone needs to make a biopic of her life. Beautiful x

  3. juicy814 says:

    What a talent designer, reminds me a bit of Mary Quant.

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