Pretty Dress Watch, Oscars Special ….

I love the oscars, I know its not totally *rock & roll* to say that in these more serious, subdued  times. But its exactly this,  that makes the oscars such an escapist pleasure.

I am not really bothered who gets to take home an award  really though, its just the dresses…and oh what dresses….

Michelle Williams,  in Louis Vuitton got my best dressed vote ( followed closely by Penelope Cruz, channelling Elizabeth Taylor ) .

From the colour of the beautifully cut frothy fabric to the freshness of her pretty face, she  just blew me away!  What’s  your fave?

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  1. ThePerfectBadMummy says:

    LOVE Michelle is totally my icon right now. I want to be her when I grow up (I bet she’s younger than me).

    Also adore Claire Danes, but when did Kelly O get a purple rinse?!

  2. Honest Mum says:

    Angelina & Penelope stole the show for me last night in old Hollywood glamour. Nearly as scene stealing as The Artist itself. What a night. I dream to attend one day!

  3. Sophie says:

    Michelle’s dress is cute and it really suits her. Penelope’s dress wins it for me though – it’s got that luxury-glam, authentic red carpet feel about it… Look how well it drapes! :)

  4. Oh the dresses.. the dresses.. Is it just me or was this year just the best ever? Michelle looked absolutely gorgeous and Penelope too but I think my favourite had to be Gwyneth. I just think that dress was breathtakingly beautiful. She’s one of those perfect people who I want to hate but man alive she looked beautiful! x

    • Helen says:

      I know what u mean, she looked almost inhumanly immaculate !!! but your right, cant hate her ;) have u seen her blog GOOP? its good X

  5. Kate says:

    I’ve got to go with Mostly, Gwynie wins it for me too, simple but oh so gorgeous. Claire Danes looks pretty fab too!

    Oh to have a reason to dress up like that!


    • Helen says:

      agreed she looked absolutely gorg! she is now completely forgiven for the Alexander McQueen sheer (nipple) number at the 2002 Oscars :) ) ‘girls come a loooooong way! xxx

  6. BucksWriter says:

    Michelle won it for me too, colour and shape just perfect! I also loved Glenn Close, wonderful colour and a smart choice.

  7. Kat says:

    I was just about to text you a pic of Michelle when I thought oh Helen mentioned blogging about the dresses so I thought I’d come by first. How funny that we both loved Michelle’s red dress the best!
    Did you see the tiny bow!
    And I agree who cares about the awards really it’s all about the glamor!
    Tho I wanted Michelle to have won best actress :(
    Kat x

    • Helen says:

      The tiny bow was my fave, fave bit, especially sparkly against the soft colour :) so perfectly vintage looking, funny I thought of u when i saw it too! great minds again ;) xxxx

  8. Jette says:

    My favorite is def Penelope. This dress just screams “Oscar night” at me. I also love the blue dress upper right (whoever it is whose wearing it) and of course Gwyneth – totally her style! So much better than the Calvin Klein she wore when she won an award.

  9. Jette says:

    P.S.: Cared about the awards this year: Got a friend who has been assistant editor for “the girl with the dragon tatoo” – so proud that he’s a part of the winning team! :)

    • Helen says:

      Wow how amazing! yes, i shouldn’t be so naughty and say its all about the dresses, a HUGE amount of work must go into making a film, congrats to your lovely friend. Anmd thanku for coming by my blog too, lovely to see new folk here XXX xxx

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